Responsibilities & deliverablesBe in contact with public and private research labs and work with potential customers to explore valuableapplications of our technologies and expertise, on every topic where control the cell
microenvironment could be a profitable need.
▪ Perfectly understand the market of in vitro models on drug discovery and toxicology, and the challenges
of the predictability of in vitro models
▪ Identify the academic KOL developing immune, hepatho, onco, dermato, neuronal innovative in vitro
models and identify synergies to create a ready-to-go offer for the pharma market
▪ Give presentations and have in-depth technical discussions with potential customers with the objective
to create a solution fit that provides the highest possible value to the customer’s research
▪ Participate sale force on the academic market
▪ Support development of marketing materials including brochures, application notes, product data
sheets and technical presentations
▪ Support customers with installation, training and application support on their our systems
RequirementsThis position is ideal for an experienced professional who wants to be part of a dynamic team, pushing
a novel breakthrough technology, and enjoys being exposed to a constant variety of customer
application areas. The successful candidate will possess the following combination of education and
▪ Typically a PhD in Biophysics, Cell Biology or similar discipline, with at least 3 years of postdoc
experience in a relevant research environment. Experience in pharma is appreciated and/or preclinical
▪ Extensive experience with biological applications of biophysical techniques such as 3D cell culture and
microfabricated cell culture systems, in particular with assay development
▪ Business oriented
▪ Ability to work in a team environment
▪ Excellent, enthusiastic, clear communication skills with a diverse audience is critical
▪ Willingness to travel both within the continent as well as globally and possession of a valid passport
Excellent level of English


Country of the law under which the contract is placed : France

Working time: Full-time

Position Location : 93100 MONTREUIL fr

Beginning: 0000-00-00
End: 0000-00-00
Duration CDI

Geographical mobility from the workplace : 100Km >> ...

Characteristics of ideal applicant : Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +8
Job not accessible to persons without qualification
Job not accessible to persons without experience

English : Advanced

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